Facebook Marketing

How Facebook works for businesses

You know your business
Whether you sell in person,online or
through an app, you know what you’d
like to do next as your business grows.
We know people
More than a billion people use
Facebook to connect with friends,
family and things that matter to them.
Facebook connects businesses with people
Marketing on Facebook helps your
business build lasting relationships with
people and find new customers.

Go Digital... Go Recycle... Go MOBILE

Facebook Setup
  • 2,000 Facebook Likes
  • Full page setup
  • Map & Address Settings
Facebook Marketing (Enterprise)
  • 1 Timeline Design
  • 1 Ad Banner
  • Facebook page + Web link
Facebook Marketing
(SME Campaign)
  • 2 Timeline Design
  • 2 Ad Banner
  • 1 Month Campaign
    (Average 4,000 likes)
Facebook Marketing
  • 4 Timeline Design
  • 4 Ad Banner
  • 2 Months Campaign
    (Average 10,000 likes)

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